Jemeh (oxygenthief77) wrote,

A Real Update

Ok. Since my livejournal usually consists of me reposting slightly hilarious things I find on the interweb or personal comments dripping with venom, I thought I would do an actual update.

1) The rats, Bunneh and I and settled in the new house. It's great having a place that is just ours and clean (if you are an ex-roommate and reading this, you can go ahead and take that personally if you want).

2) Torin got me a job working at Superior for the summer and I'll supplement that with my usual three shifts at OBFC.

3) Going back to Camosun in the fall to finish my last two courses (because no one wants to hire almost a chemist and employers don't seem to care that I already have an environmental science diploma).

4) Bunneh and I are getting "hitched" on the 19th of August. Hitched is used in the loosest sense of the word. No gods or governments at our party.

5) Bunneh has applied for design school in Vancouver. That means in about two years, her and I are going to be moving to the mainland.

6) Ensign is going slow and steady as usual. Once we get all practiced up again, we are going to Vancouver to record the long songs with Jay.

7) Chaos Assassin is playing Logan's in April with Citadel and A Javelin Reign. We'll probably practice once or twice before then. Plan is to record a one microphone, one take, album soon after that.

8) I am one track away from the Awful Majesty track being finished. Six tracks. Sixty minutes. Jerrod is coming over to lay down some cello tracks next week and I've taken to using more low fidelity field recordings for this last track. It's much more structured and "musical" than the others I've done. Once it's all finished I'll distribute it through La Main Gauche, Short Round Media and my own site.

9) Still smoking lots and lots of pot and wasting time on the POE forums.

That's all you get.
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