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Girls Love Grindcore

Oderint dum Metuant (Let Them Hate, So Long As They Fear)

3 December 1977
I'm so metal, my favorite movie is Finding Nemo.

Current Projects:
Compound Terror (grind/vox)
Night Mother (noizu/pedals)
Awful Majesty (ambient/synths)

Past Projects:
Acting Ensign (sludge/vox/bass/synth)
Chaos Assassin (grind/vox)
Immaculate Infection (grind/vox)

All the projects have the reoccuring theme of being nerdy, lazy, or both.
17'', 303, acting ensign, agoraphobic nosebleed, alan partridge, aldous huxley, ambient, american foreign policy, arthur koestler, ash, athf, bahama crisis, balsamic vinegar, bards, bass, battle mages, bear, berke breathed, big stank, black sabbath, blond elves, bonghits, broness, bunnehs, burnside, bury what's dead, carcass, chaos assassin, chemistry, chocolate, christopher morris, clean desktops, compound terror, crippling wrist pain, criticizing others, cs_office, cyberpunk, d20s, dali, dark ambient, dark step, death trance, digital delay, discordance axis, douglas adams, drum machines, dune, dystopias, environmental action, eyehategod, fallout, fallout 2, fear of god, field recordings, flesh parade, flippers, geordi laforge, george orwell, gir the rat, giz (rip), goa, goregrind, grebo, gremory, grimoire, grindcore, harsh ambient, hemdale, homoeroticism, impulse rock, iskra, jeffrey combs, l'il poot, leng tch'e, mango, manhunter: new york, mc escher, mdma, megolas, merzbow, mitochondrion, mixed greens, neal stephenson, negative reaction, nerds, noise stations, oddworld, often wrong, olive oil, omg teh grind, orange cats, organic produce, outland, pentagram, phillip k. dick, picard, pig destroyer, pornogrind, pyrex, ratx0rs, razor girls, reginald barclay, repulverizer, reverb, richard feynman, rpgs, science fiction, screwtape letters, shitty production, skylab 2000, snake, software piracy, sophie, sore throats, space, spenxor, splatterpunk, star trek, starfighters, steampunk, steve coogan, steve roach, strange manuscripts, survival horror, the wad, tng, tofu, triple stack vocal attack, tvp, ungoliant, upside down communicators, vaporizers, veggie delivery, weed, wil wheaton, william gibson, wormwood, yelling