Jemeh (oxygenthief77) wrote,

Dear Idiots,

Please stop putting URLs into your MSN personal message line. There is no way to select it, and if you think the people in your contact are going to read it and type it in manually, then I welcome you to your first day on the internet. I'm speaking for everyone on your contact list and trust me, we are all just that lazy.

If you want everyone to see a hilarious video of a cat jumping high then just SEND IT TO US. Or better yet, just post it as a bulletin on your Myspace. I don't get enough of those useless things as it is.

I'm off to go troll some more on the #poenews IRC channel.

(This whole tirade is only half serious but I am serious when I want you to stop being dumb. It's giving me wrinkles.)
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