Jemeh (oxygenthief77) wrote,

And I quote, "Fucking clownshoes."

Holy shit the show last night. Venue was great, employees were really cool and helpful, but the CROWD. Mother of fuck, the sheer amount of "nihilistic verbosity" was making me nauseous plus all the hooting, hollering, fireworks, and general desire to get hardcore shows blacklisted at yet another venue.

"Back in my days we were more blerf blerf *fart*..." Actually, back in "my day" people were just as stupid, but there had been a nice two year lull in the stupid, and I had forgotten.

Now for the music.

Code 19 was great. 20 seconds of just dbeat. Vocalist was just doing a really high "wawawawawa" and the guitarist had to sit down because he had no strap...who the hell doesn't bring a strap? One the downside, they were the drunk cockfaces who were setting off fireworks later. They are dedicated drunk punks, I will give them that.

Our set. Oh, Jesus, our set. None of us could hear anything except for one element (guitar, vocals, drums) during the whole thing. Shawn's cab kept twitching out. My mic cut out a bunch until I switched it with Scott's. Scott's pedals would come off his kick drum five seconds into a song, and his kit would slowly migrate around. I tried to stand against it to stop it, but it just pivoted around me. Oh yeah, and drunk guys being drunk.

We thought we were awful but people just loved it. Nothing but positive feedback. What the hell is wrong with people? It seems people can't tell the difference between when we play well and when we play bad; and I don't know how I feel about that.

Self Rule were great even without a bass player and a string for a guitar strap (again, a touring band with no guitar Played a great Doom cover and had some positive things to say in between songs instead of political shit-talk which tends to be quite prevalent sometimes. Great guys and great songs. Hope Chris enjoys his jaunt with Iskra.

My hand hurts. Bye.
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