Jemeh (oxygenthief77) wrote,

New Venture Brothers character designs

The new season of the Venture Brothers starts at the end of this month. Here are some character design pics for those of you who have been exposed to it's genius.
Character Designs

Costumes and More Characters

Notice the new butterfly type enemy as well as a redesigned Monarch? Should be totally tits.

I also trolled back through all their new episode images and Jackson has been very careful not to reveal whether Dean and Hank are really dead. All the pics are of Rusty and Brock. What a dick. He also keeps hinting at Rusty and his freakish midget twin teaming up to solve "mysteries".

There are a couple episodes on YouTube if you haven't seen it. Just search for "Venture Brothers".

Ah hell, here you go:

For the lazy
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